Bonus Art


Kay, so this is where all my sketches and stuff will be going, I can't promise awesome stuff, but I can promise you... Um... stuff.

So, lets begin...


These are some sketches i did on our camping holiday on the motorbikes             Its a kite...


        trying things on Jesse and Sammy       what did she say?

I tried some different stuff with Jesse and Sammy, like Sammy's hair and Jesse's collar. I dont know what Jesse had thought up in the right hand picture, whatever it was, it wasn't good!



Casey with a baseball bat is a pretty scary prospect. on the right I wanted to see if my characters were recognisable with a different haircut, so i drew Jesse with that one...


snakes! (my snakes to be exact)

doodle of a snake on the left, and My hognose called Rex on the right..


and finally!



It did...



Oh, and here's Sammy flying a Kite.

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