This is Sammy!

Full name: Samantha Elisabeth Green

Age: 22

Known as: Sammy.


Sammy grew up in Moonlight Valley, with a generally shy nature she can be quite quiet, but is an altogether friendly person. She lives alone with her dog, Luca, but often gets visited by her friend Casey who she has known since college.

Likes: Nighttime walks in the valley

Dislikes: Mean people

First appearance: page 1





Spikey haired Mike

Full name: Micheal Evan Walker

Age: 23

Known as: Mike


Mike has a long history with Casey, which I would tell you but that means less future plots for me. Casey was the one who introduced Mike and Sammy a while before the story started, The three of them have been good friends since.

Likes: Driving

Dislikes: Arguments

First appearance: page 3





What you lookin at?

Full name: Casey Roberts

Age: 22

Known as: Casey


A bit arrogant, not the least bit shy, Casey is always getting herself and more inportantly other people into trouble. She is generally a kind person but tends to just do or say something without thinking about it first.

Likes: Messing with people.

Dislikes: Being wrong

First appearance: page 4





Yup, he's a dog...

Full name: Luca uh.. Green I guess

Age: 5 (35)

Known as: Luca


Luca is Sammy's dog, Sammy is the only one who can talk to Luca and understand him. If you dont know why and would like to then go ahead and read the comic from the beginning. :)

Likes: Food, going for walks.

Dislikes: Vets.

First appearance: page 8





She's not bright...

Full name: Jesse Carter

Age: 21

Known as: Jesse, sometimes Jess.


Jesse met Sammy through working at the music store, a bit of a ditz, she sometimes doesn't realize that someone isnt getting her 'great' Idea...

Likes: Music, being silly.

Dislikes: People not understanding why her ideas are so awesome!.

First appearance: page 20




Needs Moar Teeth

Full name: Rachel Murphy

Age: 24

Known as: Rach


Rachel has been in the labs for some time, her past is a bit of a mystery. It has become apparent that the testing has taken it's toll on her.

Likes:  Volunteering for research in the labs

Dislikes: Dishonesty

First appearance: Chapter 4, Page 5